Michael Nestrud Consulting

connecting you to the hearts, minds and taste buds of your current and future consumer champions

MNC was founded by Michael Nestrud, Ph.D. because he wanted to help companies of all sizes and capability solve unique consumer questions. It is a consumer strategy organization with a deep background in sensory science, the science of how we perceive textures, tastes, aromas, and auditory and visual stimuli. Michael's unique point of view roots from his student days at The Culinary Institute of America and Cornell University, where he merged the disciplines of Culinary Arts, Food Science, Computer Science and Psychology to solve problems related to food choice, consumer emotional response, and menu design. Prior to MNC, Michael spent the past 10+ years working at government, market research and CPG organizations to design solutions to real business issues. Michael is also very active in his field and has served as Scientific Chair for the Society of Sensory Professionals and the conference chair for the 2017 Pangborn Sensory Science Symposium.