Case Studies

A Kitchen Technology Company

MNC helped a sous vide company develop processes and questionnaires for rapidly recruiting consumers to collect on-site feedback. This helped the organization gain critical objective sensory data that helped them quickly iterate and improved outcomes.

A Fortune 500 Food Manufactuer

A 100+ year old global organization requested an assessment and recommendation on improving sensory research methodologies and analyses. MNC reviewed internal reports, worked with suppliers and scanned academic research to provide actionable recommendations that will be used to reformulate legacy products and launch new ones.

A Venture Capital Firm

MNC worked with a venture capital firm to design and train internal resources on the recruiting, design, execution and analysis of in-house sensory tests. This allowed them to recommend product improvements based on real consumers which adds considerable value to invested brands.

The Culinary Institute of America Logo

Culinary Science Training

Michael developed the sensory curriculum for a continuing education class for culinary scientists. He collaborated with chefs, food scientists and academics to build the principles of experimental design and blind tasting into every culinary kitchen activity. 15 chefs participated in the inaugural class and it received excellent reviews.+