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September, 2019

Investors Are Buying Fake Meat But Consumers Are Cautious. Neuro-Sensory Science Tells Us Why.

Neuro Sensory Science is the intersection of neuroscience, taste properties and consumer decision making. Using plant-based meat as an example, this article synthesizes the latest research across multiple disciplines to describe how consumers set and reset sensory expectations. This has implications for all food products, but especially ones with cultural meaning and deep emotional connections.

June, 2019

The 21st Century Food Entrepreneur's Consumer Journey

This article presents the concept of the consumer lifecycle for entrepreneurs, and where and when sensory testing should be considered.

May, 2019

Taste Tests for the 21st Century Entrepreneur: The Myths

These consumer myths are biases that prevent entrepreneurs and established organizations from developing products from a consumer POV.

Peer-Reviewed Publications

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